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101 CRAZY GUNS – 8 HOURS on the RANGE @ SHOT SHOW Range Day

8 Hours to Shoot OVER 101 of the MOST HARDCORE Guns on the Planet – For FREE! Join Tim @ Everyday Tactical Vids and I as we shoot the BEST Survival, Military, Tactical, Full Auto and Pistols, Rifles and Grenade Launchers on the PLANET – for FREE! Yee-Haw… It’s RANGE Day @ SHOT Show – Hang Out with David and Tim and Check Out Some of the BEST Weapons on the PLANET! Man, We Had a BOAT Load of FUN!!! Enjoy the Vid!!!

(GET LINKS to GEAR USED and SHOWN in this Video – BELOW)….

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Ben @ CRKT Gear – Thanks for you keen insight on what makes a good story. Could not have done this VLOG without your help!

CRKT Gear:

Tim @ EverydayTacticalVids (on YouTube). You’re a great friend bro! Thanks for putting up with my CRAZY stuff all week at SHOT Show!

Check Out Tim @:

Marty @ Budget Bug Out:

Shane @ The Late Boy Scout:

Cameron @ Twang and Bang:


Chris @ Prepared Mind 101 (For Being a Good Sport 🙂


SPECIAL THANKS to Casey Neistat (The Worlds Greatest VLOGGER Dude – IMO) – For Inspiring Me to Give This a Try. Thanks Bro!!! AND Congrats on 2,000,0000+ MILLION Subs!!!!

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*** GEAR USED and SHOWN in VIDEO (At Least Some of It…)***


– SONY RX 100 Mark IV (Almost ALL of the VLOG Footage Was Shot with this AMAZING Machine):

– Joby GorillaPod Focus (This is what I use for a “selfie stick and “on the fly” tripod. a VLOGGERS DREAM):

– Joby GorillaPod SLR Tripod (I use these – like the above – they’re just a tad smaller and HALF the price):

– Joby GripTight (I use this with my iPHONE 6 – I just keep it in my cargo pocket until I need it):

– iPHONE 6 (I don’t know how I every survived without one… LOL):

– Canon XA-20 (Used my XA-20 for everything DURING the show. It’s a bit bigger than the other cameras, but worth every ounce):

– Pelican 1514 Waterproof Carry On Case (DON’T Travel With Camera Gear Without THIS Case – Don’t Say I Didn’t Warn You – LOL):

– MacBook Pro 15.4″ – Simply the BEST Machine for Portable Video Production:


– SLIP 2000 – Gun Lube:

– Iron Clad – EXO Tactical Gloves:

– Hogue Knives:

– Yeti Rambler:

– Biolite Campstove:

– SOG Throwing Knives:

– Beretta Pico:

– M32A1Grenade Launcher:


– Talon Universal Weapons Mount:

Talon Universal Weapons Mount

– Kimber Micro 9mm:

– CMMG MK47:


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Thanks for hangin’ out!

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