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5 Extreme Cold Clothing Tips / You Need (BEST Gloves, Hats, Coats and Boots)

Everything You Need – to Stay WARM in the Brutal Cold Weather – See the BEST Gloves, Hats Coats Boots – (LINKS Below) or VISIT: (for article with links)…

Here’s a LIST of ALL the GEAR Shown in this Video – (SEE Extreme Cold Upgrades Below this List)

* LAYER #1: SUB-BASE Layer *

Under Armour – Boxer Brief:

Under Armour – Sleeveless Shirt:

Exofficio Briefs:

** LAYER #2: BASE Layer **

Extreme Cold Base – Top:

Extreme Cold Base – Bottom:

Merino Wool Base – Top:

Merino Wool – Base – Bottom:

Heavyweight Merino Wool Base Layer:

Merino Wool Socks:

*** LAYER #3: CORE Layer ***

Fleece Pullover – Light:

Fleece Pullover – Heavy:

**** LAYER #4 OUTER Shell ****

60% + Poly – Tactical Pants:

Surplus Wool Pants:

Fleece Lined Pants:

Paracord Belt:


Tactical Jacket:

Free Country Insulated Jacket:

Extreme Cold Weather Clothing System – Coat

Down Parka:

BONUS – Water Proof Shell:
Helly Hansen Impertech – Rain Jacket:

Helly Hansen Impertech – Rain Pants:

Rocky Core Boots:


Fleece – Cap:

Bomber / Trapper Hat

Carhartt Cold Snap Gloves:

Leather Mittens:

BUFF Neck Wool Base Layer:

Shemagh Scarf:
Merino Wool:

Neck Fleece:

Tactical Sunglasses:

Rob the Mannequin:

**** EXTREME Cold Clothing UPGRADES ****

Going to Siberia for a Little Getaway? Well, here are a few UPGRADEs to the Clothing Kit Shown in this Video that You May Like to Consider for EXTREME Cold…

Extreme Cold Base – Top:

Extreme Cold Base – Bottom:

Bomber / Trapper Hat

Heavyweight Merino Wool Base Layer:

Muckluck Boots – Military Surplus (Don’t forget the liners):

Baffin Arctic Boots:

Balaclava – Extreme Face and Head Protection:

Arctic Mittens:

Arctic Expedition Parka:

Extreme Cold Weather Clothing System – Coat

Arctic Expedition Pants

Anti-Fog Snow Goggles:


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