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5 More Forgotten Bug Out Bag Gear

This video is a follow up to my Top 10 Forgotten Bug Out Bag Items.

With the communities help I talk about 5 more items that people often for get to pack in there bug out bags.

-The first item is money. In any disaster situation the law of supply and demand is going to kick in. The price of items like clean water, gasoline, batteries is going to sky rocket. You need to be prepared for this inflation.

-The next item people forget is copies of there personal information, this includes social security cards, birth certificates, wedding licences. You have to prepare as if you are never coming back to your house again.

-Food is also something people often forget to pack. You should pack enough food and water to sustain yourself for at least 3 days plus the tools necessary to acquire food after that.

-Along that same line is fishing equipment. Fish are an easy source of protein and they are easy to catch, clean and cook.

-Finally, don’t forget to pack toilet paper. Not only will it be more comfortable than a pine cone, but you can also use it for first aid and as tinder to start fires.

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