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Boker Stingray Folding Knife

The Stingray folding knife by Boker is a great choice. The Boker Stingray knife is crafted well, durable, sharp and the top thing is the titanium handle. The The Boker Stingray knife has great texturing on the titanium handle, unlike most which are smooth. Your hand is locked into this The Boker Stingray knife from the word go. The only downside possibly is the tip of the knife which is thin compared to the rest of the blade. So do not be prying with it, etc. I have had no issue with my The Boker Stingray knife. It locks up perfectly and distinctly and has no play. Although side to side play has a minimal amount of play. It is designed after the custom Stingray from Sal Manaro. Berz Rating: 95/100





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