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How to Make a 2 Liter Bottle Fish Trap: Survival Hack

No matter where in the world you find yourself stranded, chances are someone else has been there before you and there will be trash laying around. In some cases, we can use this trash to save our lives. If you can find a plastic bottle of any size you can use it to get food by turning it into a fish trap. This fish trap is most often made with a 2 letter bottle but can be used with a smaller or bigger plastic bottle. The build is simple enough. You cut the top off and invert it then reattach to the remaining bottle body. The idea is that you make it easy for the fish to swim into your trap but it is difficult for the fish to find there way out of the hole they swam into. This same concept is use for commercial grade fish trap, lobster traps and crab traps.

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