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How To Make a T-Bar Spring Snare

The T-Bar Spring Snare is a simple and effective way of snaring small animals. This spring snare should be part of any prepper or outdoors man’s arsenal for food acquisition. The great thing about this spring snare trigger is that it requires no carving if necessary. Although some carving can help can help, you can make this snare using only sticks you find and some cordage.

In this video, I demonstrate how to set up the T Bar Spring Snare and also provide some tips and tricks for setting it up. The T Bar trigger is simple once you get the hang of it and requires three sticks pounded into the ground, one small toggle stick tied to the snare and a thing trigger stick holding the toggle stick in place. The snare drapes around either side of the trigger stick. The bait is attached to the bait stick and draws the animals head into the snare. Bait can include animal guts, green grass or food such as peanut butter.


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