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How To Make A YoYo Reel Snare

So here is the situation, the shit has hit the fan! The zombie apocalypses, nuclear attack, civil unrest, take your pick. You are forced to bug out. But lucky for you, you were prepared and packed yoyo reels. Yoyo reels are a spring activated fishing reel that automatically pulls the fish in for you. But they can also be used for creating spring activated snares for small games like rabbits or squirrel.

In this video I demonstrate how to make a spring activated snare using a yoyo reel. Yoyo reels are very versatile and should be a part of everyone’s bug out bags! Your first step is to find a game trail. This a path that there is evidence of animals traversing. Next you want to find or create a choking point. I found a downed log that I then filled in the gaps with brush. You then need to find a tree or branch to secure your yoyo reel to. You take the line and use the fish clasp on the end to reattach to the line, creating an adjustable loop. This will act as your snare. Set your snare, lock your reel in place and you are good to go.


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