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Top 10 Forgotten Bug Out Bag Items

In this video I outline what I think the top 10 forgotten bug out bag items.

When most people put there bug out bags together they get the basics. They pack rope, knives, a tent, some matches and maybe a gun. But most people forget the little things that could end up being the difference between life or death. Weather its a zombie Apocalypse you are trying to survive or its a nuclear attack, the little items will make a difference. So today I am presenting you with what in my opinion are the top 10 forgotten bug out bag items.

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1. Anti Diarrhea Medicine
2.Sewing Kit
3.Katadyn Water Purification Kit
Lie Straw
5.Road Map
6.Bug Spray
7.Emergency Radio
8.Camaflouge Change Of Clothes
9.Oral Hygiene
10. SAS Pocket Survival Guide


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