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Why I am a Prepper!

Why I am a prepper? Did you know that FEMA wants all American’s to be prepping? Not necessarily a doomsday prepper but they want you to be prepared or emergencies, natural disasters, civil unrest & more.

Every single year, communities in becoming isolated without power, food or water due to natural disasters. A tornado comes through and destroys all the power lines or a flood contaminates the water supplies or a hurricane washes away the roads so trucks can’t ship food. This is not fantasy, these are real-life disasters that happen EVERY single year in American and throughout the world. This is why I am a prepper. If I lose power, I will be prepared, If my water supplies get contaminated, I’m ready, if I can’t access the grocery store for a month, I will survive.

Personally, I’m not a doomsday prepper or trying to survive the zombie apocalypse. I just to keep my family safe if and when a natural or manmade disaster strikes.

Learn how to build a FEMA Disaster Kit here

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